Thank you to all of you that take the time to understand and support the work of RMPR, for opening your homes, your hearts and your entire lives
to these wonderful creatures. 
We feel blessed to work with you, to get to know you, and to have helped find great companions for you! Without YOU, RMPR cannot save them. Blessings to you and the wonderful animals we have come to know and love. RMPR June 2012.




RMPR UPDATE:  Yoshi aka Kojack
I thought you'd like to see Yoshi's (formerly Kojack) progress. We went to Pets Emergency in Evans, CO for his neuter and they were wonderful. He recovered beautifully.

I am so so happy that we adopted him; He is truly an old soul. I can't believe how well behaved he is and how attuned to me and the household he has become. He has brought so much joy to my life, I can't even explain it. Enjoy the picks! And please feel free to use any of them in your promotional materials! They should be fairly high resolution. I hope you are well!





RMPR UPDATE:  Simon aka Jitterbug
This is Simon, formerly Jitterbug. He is one and a half years now. Since I adopted him I've learned so much about dog psychology and dog behavior. He is still has some of his hyper puppy energy, but I've learned how to channel that. We go on off leash hikes as much as possible, but when we can't we play fetch until he's tired, then go for a short walk. He knows all of the basic commands, sit, down, stay, come. but my favorite thing that I've taught him is to heel off leash, it comes in handy so often. He is my best friend and a great workout buddy.

Thank you so much for letting me adopt him. Good luck with all of the other dogs, and God bless you and them.
Edward Page



RMPR UPDATE:  My Sweet Precious Coconut


We heard of RMPR and the incredible service they provide from our many co-workers who foster and volunteer at the weekly adoption events. The organization and directors were so highly praised for their professionalism and compassion that we wanted to try our hand at fostering.

Our first foster was Coconut, A 2 year old West Highland Terrier, who was found wandering on the streets.When RMPR rescued her, she was in a horrid state. She was extremely thin, her nails were curled into her paws  and they were matted like mittens! She had a severe skin and ear infection caused by neglect of her allergies, the fungus was causing her skin to blacken and her fur to fall out, her ears were swollen shut! RMPR immediately took in to receive veterinary care, during her examination, the Vet stated he had never seen such a severe case of neglect! RMPR provided everything Coconut needed for her recovery.  All her medications, specialty food, a tub supplied with medical supplies and an exceptional educational book that answers all questions regarding caring for puppies and dogs.  The directors also provided their phone numbers and were available every time we called.Coconut's recovery was long, she required several prescriptions as well as medicated baths twice daily for weeks.  She was so ill that she would not be available for adoption for 3 months. So you know where this is headed~  I fell head over heels in love with her! She found her forever home with us!

Coconut now is extremely friendly, fiercely independent and very loving, in spite of her previous neglect and mistreatment.Coconut swells my heart with so much joy that sometimes I just have to squeeze and sing love songs to her. Coconut doesn't seem to mind, she just bows her little head and then will kiss me:)

We continue to foster and love every puppy and dog that is in our care we have such a sense of pride and elation when our fosters get adopted.Coconut has given us many gifts; happiness, joy  laughter, in addition, seeing and understanding the importance of fostering;  knowing that we too can bring this happiness, companionship and joy to others.



“We adopted our wonderful boy Chai from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue in January 2011. 

If RMPR had not taken the time to pull him from a high kill shelter, nurse him back to health, and foster him, we would not have this amazing little (okay not so little) soul bringing joy and happiness to our lives.  The fact that the this is an organization of volunteers, giving freely of their time, love and devotion, just makes the work they do more amazing.  I can’t even begin to thank them enough for saving Chai and allowing us to adopt him into our pack.”


Chai January 2011

Chai June 2012. GO CHAI GO!!


RMPR UPDATE:  Jaeger aka Sienna

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Jaeger (aka Sienna).

We had our challenges at first…sleepless nights (for about a week), looking you right in the eye as he relieved himself on the carpet after patiently waiting an hour for him to do his business outside, unearthing indoor potted plants, etc….

I am happy to report that that is all in the past and Jaeger is an integral part of our family. We hired a personal dog trainer who really helped us in teaching Jaeger a wealth of commands. More importantly, she taught us how to better communicate and understand him. He has mastered all the basic commands along with a few extras…waving, rollover, play dead. Still working on staying focused when there are distractions (deer, foxes, rabbits and cars) but improving everyday.  He and I enjoy our daily walk/run. We explore for about 45 minutes in the woods behind our house and then circle back on the road for a ˝ hour run back to the house. Linda is still semi retired and has a constant companion in Jaeger. He weighs about 45 lbs and I think he has not finished growing…his paws still seem to be huge compared to the rest of him. He is a happy and healthy puppy that is still a bit lethargic in the mornings but has boundless energy when it comes to play. I see more Hound and Doberman in him these days.

Thanks again for being such great foster parents; we love our new family member very much.


RMPR UPDATE:  Molly Turner aka Fleur

RMPR will always have a big place in our hearts.  Fleur (now Molly Turner) has been one of the most wonderful additions to our family. She came to us as a spunky, energetic, sweet puppy that has grown into a 70 pound sweet, energetic pup with some Tasmanian Devil qualities to round out her personality.  Her favorite things are snuggling on the couch, watching TV, playing with children and going on trail hikes.


MOLLY aka Fleur August 2011

Molly getting her hike on! 2012



Having recently expanded our family through the RMPR, my wife and I wanted to share our personal motives for adopting, our actual experience with the process, and what it has meant to us as a whole.  We hope that you will be drawn to the appeal of saving lives.The interview process was painless, if a little baffling.  When Mike asked what we would do with Xavi if we lost our jobs, or moved, it seemed like a trick question.  Apparently there are families out there who entertain the idea of adopting a puppy but feel it would be ok to abandon them again in those circumstances.  After Kim and I were given the thumbs up from Mike, we were granted our 10 minute play period with Xavi to see if we wanted to take him or not.  Anyone who can play with a puppy and then decide “nah, think I’ll pass”, is one cold individual.  The type of quality insurance company employee who’ll dutifully deny all filed claims. 

Xavi was as excited to see us as we were to see him, so the decision that we wanted him was instantaneous.  The longest wait of our day was to process the necessary paperwork but it only seemed bad because we were so anxious to get Xavi home.  Within an hour we were in the car with a wiggling bundle of love.We’re restored our canine triumvirate at home and life is good.  Xavi has many similar personality traits to Eddie so for us it’s like his legacy continues.  As with all dogs, it’s nice to know that even after a terrible day, someone’s excited to see you when you get home.  Xavi’s the sweet dog Kim wanted and the rambunctious one I did in one package.  That’s why Kim’s arms are fine whereas mine from the elbow down look like I’ve been extracting cats from thorn bushes.  We couldn’t be happier with him and shudder to think that he could have potentially been euthanized had the RMPR not intervened. We hope that our experience will encourage you to work with the RMPR group and adopt to save lives.  We plan on attending another adoption event whenever Loki’s time inevitably comes.  It’s nice for us that we were able to adopt a puppy, we feel lucky that we’ll be able to experience all of Xavi’s life with him.  He’s been a healing salve for the whole family and is precious in his precociousness. 

Even though it’s only been a short while, we can’t imagine life without him!


RMPR UPDATE:  Willow aka Starina

Carla Willow's mom here (aka Starina).. RMPR Fosters are great! She is doing amazing, thank u so much for all the time and energy u put into our Willow... She is eating and drinking.. Playing... She has used her potty pad once and all the rest of the times it's been outside...Woot!! She is sleeping now... So rest easy... And thanks again!!



Please find some pictures of Chloe and we are so happy to have her as part of our family. She loves kids and is the entertainment committee in the neighborhood. The cat, Simba, who is in one of the pics, is trying to "educate" her and teach her to be more "cat like", to no avail and it is never boring watching them causing some commotion when chasing each other. Thanks for all you have done and greetings from Aspen Colorado.



RMPR UPDATE:  My Sweet Precious Coconut

Johnny: So cute and sweet.  He is in love with my daughter Jada and they are inseparable.  He adjusting super well, he’s really smart and is learning fast.  You can tell he has gotten a lot of love already.  He’s a total snuggler and sleeps at Jada’s feet when he isn't being held.  He’s been an amazing addition to the family.




Flynn is getting lots of love and kisses and is always my little cuddle buddy at night. He's already started to learn to go potty outside and rings a little bell when he needs to go. He follows me around on little adventures and is even making friends with one of our cats! I attatched some pictures of him so you can see him in his new home.



FLYNN loving him some " cat nap time"




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