Special Needs

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue not only pulls adoptable dogs from the high kill shelters – but we cannot say no to the special needs dogs that need a helping hand and a rescue that will provide them the medical care they need to thrive! RMPR’s annual medical expenses are about $120,000!

Donations to help care for these animals are always appreciated and unfortunately always needed.

Currently in RMPR’s care are two terminal dogs:


Puebla arrived with her litter of puppies from Taos, NM. Puebla was a feral dog and had no reference for human interaction. Once her babies were weaned and adopted RMPR began working with her to prepare her for a successful adoption. That’s when we discovered she has an inoperable nasal tumor. Puebla will now become a part of RMPR’s sanctuary residents where she will live the rest of her life comfortably in her foster home.


Cider is another of RMPR’s sanctuary residents. He too will live the remainder of his life in foster care.  Cider arrived into rescue about two weeks old along with his littermates and Mom.  When Cider was ready to be neutered the vet heard discovered he had a heart murmur. Cider was then taken to CSU Veterinary Hospital in Ft. Collins for further evaluation and to decide the best course of treatment. The doctors discovered he did not have a normal murmur that could be fixed with surgery. He was diagnosed with tricuspid valve dysplasia. Unfortunately, there is no cure or treatment for this condition and is considered a birth defect.


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In addition to the terminal cases:

RMPR also helps animals that need additional veterinary care prior to adoption.


Parvo – a highly contagious but preventable virus affects many puppies in shelters every year! Puppies RMPR brings to the safety of rescue are no exception. There is no cure and the best chance for survival is hospitalization to manage the symptoms as they present.  The cost for this treatment is expensive. On average RMPR hospitalizes 10-15 puppies annually to give them the best possible chance to overcome their illness and live long healthy and happy lives!


Dogs that test positive for heartworm are provided the necessary treatment to cure the heartworm prior to adoption. Cherry eye repairs, mange treatments, leg amputations, leg surgeries, coccidiamyosis treatments, eye surgeries, PDA (heart valve repair) all require extensive medical care and are costly.  This is small part of what RMPR does for the animals in its care.


Any dog RMPR takes from the shelter receives the care needed. Any donations to the medical fund is greatly appreciated! Consider becoming a sustaining “FRIEND” of RMPR by donating monthly any amount is appreciated.


Go to: www.coloradogives.org/rockymountainpuppyrescue to set up your deductible monthly amount.