RMPR Does not accept relinquished animals from the public. If your'e looking to rehome an animal you own please remember that shelters have kill policies. This simply means if your relinquish your animal to them they will decide what they deem adoptable. Many older and animals that are NOT social will lose their lives in a shelter setting. Less that 40% of all animals dropped the shelter will find another home. If you are serious about re homing your animal we suggest the following:

1) allbreedrescuenetwork.com look for a listing that best fits the breed you are trying to rehome. Many rescues will list your dog but ask you to foster it until they can find it a suitable home.

2) rescueme.org list your dog for free.

3) craiglist your animal, please adopt for a small re homing fee, interview folks, be honest about the animals behavior and  be careful with this listing place.


If you have adopted an animal from RMPR we will take our animals back but we will need to have you email us directly to explain your situation, please email us at info@rmpuppyrescue.org or rmpradoptions@gmail.com.

All returns happen on SATURDAYS with a pre arranged appointment. We will not accept any animal without prior arrangement.

In order to return you must do the following;
1) Take your dog or Puppy to the vet the week prior to return and provide us with proof.

2) Your animal must be up to date on vaccines prior to return and if over 5 months your animal MUST be fixed prior to return.

3) You must provide us with your original RMPR papework

4) If returned in the first week, RMPR will provide a refund ( checks cut and mailed within 3 weeks of return ) you will be assessed a 50.00 return fee.

Any animal returned after one week will forfeit the adoption fee to RMPR's medical fund.

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