How Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue Was Started

A few of us volunteered at a local rescue here in Colorado. While fostering was rewarding, the needs of the animals were not all met – we were isolated with our charges and unsupported. Not feeling the most was being done for the sake of the animals, we felt inspired. “WE CAN DO BETTER!!”


Fortunately, there were others that felt the same and the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue was born! We credit our previous experiences as having inspired us to dig deeper into the rescue community… NO ONE works alone and so we sat down to hack out the beginnings of RMPR. We have expanded and added many positions including a position of Foster and Volunteer Manager, Operations Manager and Event & Online Content Manager. Many folks have joined the mission and have added many wonderful facets to the group.

“We went to save one dog that we had see on Dogs In Danger.  She was set to be killed the next day.  The shelter was floor to ceiling with dogs and the shelter director asked if we could help.  We went to store, bought all of the crates and kennels, canceled our upcoming vacation, loaded up our van with dogs and drove home.  That was 5 years ago and we’ve been doing that every week, ever since.”    - Tom, Co-Founder

Some sobering statistics....  and why we do this 365 days a year.

7 Million

The number of dogs and cats that enter the shelter system in the US each year.

4 Million

The number of dogs and cats put to death simply because no one wants them and there aren’t enough rescues to save them.


Of all dogs and 70% of cats that enter a shelter are put to death simply because there is no room to keep them.

Our Mission

To rescue, foster, vet and rehome unwanted shelter animals and promote spay and neuter of all animals. End Pet Overpopulation with our SPAY IT FORWARD program, providing subsidized spay neuter surgeries for impoverished counties in the South West US.

2 Million

The number of dogs and cats that are reunited with their owners or adopted out.

1 Million

The number of dogs and cats put to death due to illness or viciousness.


The number of dogs RMPR has saved and found homes for. Click here to find out how you can help us save even more!


Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue is a group of hardworking fosters and volunteers who work to save the lives of unwanted dogs and puppies around the Colorado area. We focus on the younger animals that, when dumped in a shelter, are often exposed to disease and experience lack of socialization,  killing their chances at becoming balanced adult dogs.


RMPR has successfully rescued and  re-homed over 2,500 animals and we are still going strong!

Emma Shin helped to create RMPR due to her experiences as a child. Her family loved all animals, and her Grandfather in particular had a soft heart for the “ pound dogs “ he would meet. “When I was young he was always taking in a stray and trying to rehome them" Her family’s love of animals coupled by her less than ideal experience at another puppy rescue inspired Emma. Knowing that others felt the same and that more could be done for the homeless animals she met, RMPR rescue and adoption program was created August 2010. In October 2012 the Spay it Forward, subsidized owned animal Spay Neuter program was born. Ms Shin's has over twelve years of successful National Sales Experience in advertising, marketing, sales and product services sales. It is this experience coupled with her passionate love of all things living that fuels the work she does. Emma feels blessed to have a helping hand in saving the animals of RMPR and helping them to reach their forever homes.Together, We Can Save More!



There are several favorite things about being involved with RMPR for Tom... first, coming home from a hectic, stressful day running his custom homebuilding company, laying on the floor and being swarmed by a litter of puppies... "Nothing else matters when you are covered in puppies." Second, watching Emma, and Sonya and the other huge-hearted volunteers come together, doing whatever it takes to save these lives. Tom gets to enjoy one of his passions... photography... shooting the glamor shots of all the dogs that come in, hoping a nice picture might lead to a visit for that particular dog that helps find a forever home. And last, seeing the happy families, completed by the addition of the dog or puppy that without the hard work of these volunteers, had no chance at a happy life. Tom is proud to be part of an amazing group of people that works day after day, and comes together week after week to do something bigger than themselves... and has fun doing it.



Michelle Randall | Volunteer and Event Coordinator

Michelle has been volunteering and fostering with Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue since October of 2010. She often tells people that it’s a “family affair” as her entire family plays a part in giving puppies and dogs a good foster home as well as volunteering at adoption events! She has had a passion for helping animals as long as she can remember, and because of RMPR Michelle has been able to foster, care for, and find homes for helpless and homeless animals in need. As the Volunteer and Event coordinator Michelle says she gets the unique chance to get to know the incredible people behind puppy rescue, our volunteers and fosters, as well as those who keep us going, the adopters! She loves everything RMPR has brought her way but most of all would have to be her dog Cheyanne who was once a scared, practically feral, RMPR rescue case who keeps her asking the age old question of “Who Rescued Who?” Whether its volunteering, fostering, or adopting Michelle looks forward to meeting you and bringing you into the wonderful world that is animal rescue!


Russ Zoeteway  | Foster and Volunteer

Russ, a resident of Loveland, CO is a structural engineer with his own company by trade, and a foster extraordinaire by design.  With the flexibility of owning his own business, Russ has the ability to bring his foster dog to work with him. Russ is a standout as one of RMPR’s adult dog rehabilitators. He has the skillset to take in some of the shy cases that RMPR saves and give them the time and patience to learn to trust and come out of their shells! With a consistent schedule, regular walks, and good nutrition the dogs begin to blossom and their true personalities’ shine through.  In addition to fostering and saving lives, Russ has become an integral member of the RMPR family. He is always there to give of his time and help in anyway needed. He loves going and volunteering at the Spay It Forward clinics and is a valuable member of the volunteer team!