When in doubt of a question asked of you by the public, let them know you
donít know the answer to their question but you will be happy to get them




Where are your puppies from?
Our puppies are from rural shelters NOT FROM PUPPY MILLS, mills are
essentially giant back yard breeders, and although we come across pure bred
puppies and sometimes will get them from other rescues and shelters RMPR
does not support or move any PUPPY MILL dogs.


Why were these dogs/puppies dumped at a shelter?
Unfortunately, there is no shortage of morally bankrupt people out there
when it comes to the treatment of animals. Most of our puppies are the
results of unaltered, unfixed dogs. Dogs that are allowed to run around and
reproduce and once the owner discovers this they dump usually dump the
mother dog and the puppies at the local shelter.


Surely they donít kill puppies at shelters?
Unfortunately they kill them because of space and sometimes they kill
because the pups contract illnesses that they are not as yet immune to while
at the shelter, a MAIN reason to move them out. Unfortunately not every
humane society , county pound and ASPCA will work with rescue groups.
Humane Societies do not treat each and every animal that becomes ill due to
their cost structure. One shelter that RMPR transfers from killed 210 puppies
(under the age of 6 months) in one month alone!



Are these dogs vaccinated?
Yes, all RMPR puppies are up to date on all age appropriate shots.


Are these puppies house broken or leash trained?
No, puppies do not come leash trained, or housebroken, it is up to the
adopter to housebreak their puppy and enroll them in obedience classes.
Should this be a big concern direct them to our older adoptables that are
housebroken and leash trained.



How big will this puppy get?
This is a good question, the answer technically is that we are not sure all
of our answers are GUESSTIMATES as we are not familiar with the parents.
These puppies were strays and were dumped at a shelter so no parents
history is given. There maybe a reason they are asking HOW BIG, your
question to them should be ď WHY? ď Find out if there is a size restriction at
their place of residence.


Are these animals spayed/ neutered?
ANY animal over the age of 4 months has been spayed/neutered by RMPR
and we are happy to recommend low cost s/n clinics to all adopters


Do I need to own my house, townhome, condo in order to adopt?

No but an adopter needs to show a formal lease with a signed addendum
showing that they are allowed an animal and any breed or size restrictions
must be shown. RMPR requires a copy of the lease.






A little more about RMPRs adoption Process:


All puppies come with a 24 Petwatch Microchip in their neck. This is provided
at no charge to adopters. Upon adoption the adopters full contact information
will be entered into the database and that dog will be tied to them via that chip.



All RMPR puppies/ dogs come with one month gift of insurance from SHELTERCARE. Up to 750 dollars in coverage and a 75 dollar deductible. This is upon adoption and upon the adopters clicking to accept the gift via email after adoption. The adopter can choose to continue accident coverage from SHELTERCARE prior to the policy expiring.


Should a puppy or dog become ill during that month of coverage, the adopter would pay the vet bill and submit it to Sheltercare for coverage, there are some restrictions. Additonal information on SHELTERCARE can be found in the brochure's.








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